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New Website Update

Right in the middle of updating my html/css website recently, I decided to go down a different path and create a php cms (content management system) wordpress blog. With my own custom css design. I was never trained in web design but I took to html quite well so I thought it couldn't be too hard. After nearly a week of online tutorials on how to do it, I was ready to give up. To top it off, many of the tutorials regularly reinstated in the article 'just how easy it is,' this didn't help.

I eventually figured it out somewhat, or enough to achieve what I was looking for. It's been a couple of weeks now and I am still fine tuning it, but I have already noticed the many advantages to having your own wordpress site (not a free one) over a standard html website. For example the wordpress cms system makes updating, managing, commenting and navigating far easier than anything else I had ever used. I have also used the code provided by dreamstime when you click on an image, to embed on categorized pages of my site. Not only does this help for browsing, I have also noticed through my stats that a lot of increased traffic coming from google image search for my images.

Have a look at my site at

Feel free to leave a comment there.

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Photo credits: Perry Toone.

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May 21, 2013


very good nice information to all of yo.


September 16, 2009


Jamala - you can watch three other clips by clicking the link or go to

September 16, 2009


PToone, I like "IKEA Heights"! Very funny! When is the next episode? :-)

September 16, 2009


Nice site, well done.

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