New Year With Already a Great Start

I just reached my 1000 Upload to Draemstime which I thought would be farther off since I had not been doing a lot of photography lately do to an injured foot but seeing that the last photos I took during December have brought me to over 1000 uploads has made me happy.

Also January has become my Best Month when it comes to Revenue with Sales and we still have over a week left in the month and I am pretty close to getting the Best Month for downloads this month.

I am very excited about the New Year and I am very happy to have a great start so far.

When it comes to the injured foot I find out today what is wrong with it so hopefully I will be back to shooting more photos in the near future.

Some of my most recent photos that have sold:

Thanks to all the Buyers and to the Reviewers for starting the New Year off to a great start for me. :)

Photo credits: , Susan Pettitt.

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Thanks everyone :) The foot is starting to feel better do to the medication I am on to help it heal so I should be back to photographing more in no time :)


I hope your foot will be better ASAP.
Great photos.


Congratularions Susan! That's great. Now, on to the next 1,000. Your love for animals shows through your portfolio.


Congrats, hope the foot heals soon...


Congratularions Susan:)
Great shot!!!


Thanks everyone!

quick update on ankle: I found out today that I have high arches that puts my foot at a weird angle and do to this it has inflamed my ankle. Hopefully by the end of February I will be back to having a normal photography schedule since I need to let the foot heal.


congrats! great achievemnt!


congrats, more to come, keep your good work, success though downloads will follow


Well done and big congratulations! Always a pleasure to browse your portfolio -- while all your images are great, your animal shots are definite favorites! Cheers, Marilyn


Congratularions Susan! Well deserved: your portfolio is great. Bye, Rob.

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