It is the New Year, time to set your Dreamstime Goals

Generally, around the New Year, most of us set new goals or adjustments to our life. I am a goal oriented person; I like to set goals for myself and then challenge myself to achieve these goals. I find that without goals, I am not as driven to achieve a certain level of success.

I believe we will all agree; on Dreamstime, the more quality images you have online the more money you can make each month. I decided to set myself a goal to increase my earnings from Dreamstime. For me, a goal has to be realistic; it must be a goal I can truly achieve or I quickly loose interest.

Here is the procedure I employed to set my Dreamstime goal for this year.

First, I took a serious look at my image sales for the past year. I joined late February 2010; uploaded a number of images at first then more later. Using some complicated math (for my brain), I determined that I am able to make $1.26 per year for each image in my portfolio. Sure, some images never sell and some sell like hotcakes, but this the average I make each year for each image in my portfolio.

Then I decided that I want to make $1000 a month; how many images would I need to have online to generate an income of $1000/month. ThatХs $12,000 per year or 9528 images ($12,000 divided by $1.26). I am currently making roughly $50/month and have approximately 750 images online; so that goal is a bit out of reach for year 2011. In order to reach 9528 images, I would need to upload 731 images each month; that is not going to happen with my other commitments.

So it was time to figure what is possible. With a modicum of effort, I can upload and get accepted roughly 100 images a month. That is five images a day for 20 workdays per month. I think that is a good goal and will give me an additional 1200 images at the end of the year (2011).

If I achieve my goal, then I would have roughly 2000 images online or a monthly income of roughly $210.00 ($2520 divided by 12 months). To give myself some extra encouragement, I have set my goal for Dreamstime as: Earn $3000 of Dreamstime income for the year 2011.

What is your DT goal; have you set a goal to increase your sales here on DT?

Photo credits: Moose Henderson.

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January 10, 2011


You have some amazing wildlife images in your portfolio. Given some time, those images will earn you more than 1.26$/year. I am getting more than double this amount and it is increasing each year as images are increasing in level. Providing you are an exclusive photographer I think you can easily make around 4-5$/image per year in 2011. Try focusing on quality rather than quantity and it will pay off in a much more enjoyable manner...


January 09, 2011


My short-term goal is to win the current Assignment which will make the next goal of skyrocketing sales happen!!!

January 08, 2011


Good luck! I want an editor's choice image in 2011 :o)

January 07, 2011


At 150 images on-line, I am currently generating just under $40 per month. My goal is to double this monthly amount by year end. Not quite as aggressive a goal as you John, but with my limited time and focus on improving my quality, hopefully achievable. Good luck and I admire your drive.

January 07, 2011


Thanks for doing the math for me....I have a dream one day of $3000 a year:) But.....I guess with my busy lifestyle, I will be still uploading around 20 images per month, so I will have to wait. But it is nice to dream, since this is Dreamtime.

January 07, 2011


That is some maths!!!
Best of luck ...

January 07, 2011


I wish you to reach your goals and to be very satisfied. :-)
Well, as for DT my goal is to make more conceptual ptotos for such topics like - freedom, hope, innocence :-)

January 06, 2011


Good luck with your goal ! I too have said to myself if I had "X" amount of images online, I might make "Y". Sadly, I am not a goals oriented person but will none the less keep plugging away at it. Cheers.

January 06, 2011


Your goals are amazing from my small time perspective! I wish you the very best in achieving them. Mine are so much more simple-- to continue to be able to produce images that sell, even modestly. And to continue to learn as much as possible about both photography and stock photography and continue my adventures.

January 06, 2011


I'm trying to go for 50 uploads a month this year. Just a bit higher and I'll be able to reach 3,000 online by year end :) Good luck with your goals !

January 06, 2011


Wish you luck and success!

My goals are very small compared with yours: 400 images online and 30 two 40$ per month; but the most important goal is having as much fun as possible with DT, taking photographs and producing illustrations.

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