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New York City

It seems that New York City is getting back to normalcy after the hurricane. Today was a very nice and sunny day and probably naked cowboy is entertaining the crowd on Times square as he was when I was there the last time.

I decided to start a new album where I will share my photos from US. So far I just started and sold only one image of a Big Lawn in Central Park in winter! But hopefully, my collection will get bigger and better and not just with the photos of other Dreamstime members! Wish me luck.

For this album I made a photo, of which I am very proud! It is called "Steaming New York City" and I think it has a feeling that this city gives to anyone experiencing it. NYC is like a steam engine fueled by all the people living and visiting, breathing, dreaming, falling in love, suffering, struggling and overcoming troubles.

By the way, if you have any NYC pictures that I cam include in my collection, please write about them in comments and if I will like them as well they will get a place.





Photo credits: Mightymogwai.


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November 12, 2012


I really like some of them! Will definately add them to my collection!

November 12, 2012


   Broadway shows New York   

November 12, 2012


   911 Memorial fountain   

November 12, 2012


   Rain in New York City   

November 12, 2012


Here's a few of mine if you would like to add :)

   New York Manhattan sunset   

   Twin Towers tribute 911   

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