New Zealand This Winter

It's July and it's winter in Auckland. I thought that I came in the most unfavourable weather to take landscapes and cityscapes, as bad weather haunts everyday, but luckily, there some clear days, and those photos I took now are filling up on the DT.

Take a look some of them, and hopefully, more to come on DT before I left this wonderful place back to Bali on August.

New Zealand War Memorial Museum

Old Rotating Bridge Auckland

New Zealand Traditional House

A few more files are still pending : The Auckland Skylines and Landscapes shoot around North Island, still many more to come!

Photo credits: Agung Angkawijaya.

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July 16, 2015


You're most welcome Inyrdreams!

July 16, 2015


I was in Auckland
in April, and I sure wish I could afford to go back. what a wonderful place to visit! Thanks for sharing

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