newbie need the info.

Woman and flowers

Im so confused. Not really - just one thing.

Do I upload large, medium and small versions of the same image or does Dreamstime do this themselves based on the one large image I upload?

If its up to me, where do I find info on standard sizes? So far Im just going by what others have done.



the attached image is not mine / I had to attach at least one image to send this article.


Photo credits: Kurhan.
  • Slickmick007
  • Phoenix, United States

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June 02, 2008

Thanx guys. I'll try not to be such a putz from now on.
BTW - I never did actually see where it talks about uploading one hi-rez image.

Oh well gotta go, pix to shoot.



June 01, 2008

Upload only one version. The largest and best resolution. Also read the uploading guidelines, you can find all the answers to your questions at the bottom of this page under the FAQ link. Welcome to DT, by the way. Good luck


June 01, 2008

If I am correct, this sort of inquiry is best suited for the forums, not the blogs.