Newbie's slow progress

This is my second blog post. I now have 25 uploaded images and an dismal approval rating of 18.3% :-(. It has been a rough road so far but I’m still learning and glad to have the pictures online that I do! I have my fingers crossed for my five pending files.

My main reason for writing is that I still haven’t had a single download and wondering if this was normal for things to be really slow. About how often do you have a download per uploaded picture??

How about…

(Number of pictures uploaded / downloads per month / 30) = downloads per day per picture.

I have read through many of your helpful blogs but I’m still not sure that I’m making the best use of my keywords. I would be grateful if you have any suggestions.

I'm I missing something obvious regarding marketing my images?



Photo credits: Stuart Meade.

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January 07, 2009


Hi I am new as well got lucky had one down load and have 15 uploads. Dreams time gets a lot of pictures to critique so be patient and hang in there.

January 07, 2009


Most of them yes, then if there is one that I think may have alternate words, I will look them up i.e. ethereal

January 07, 2009


Thanks for your comments. I will look up keymasters and see what that's about. Am I limited to a certain number of keywords?
I'm used to working with websites where too keywords (meta tags) are not advised.
Should I list as many relevant keywords as possible??

Fultonsphoto - Those keywords are great. Did you just rattle those off?

January 07, 2009



Just as an example, your image 7434723 "Alpine Lake" you have the following keywords.

altitude blue glacier high kettle lake mountain mountains rock rocky snow trees

As an example, try adding these

Nature,landscape,vista,panorama,outdoors,flora,rockface,forest,water,canyon,outside,secluded,remote,countryside,unihabited,scene,scenery,scenic,tranquil,serene,ethereal,terrain,heavenly,celestial,inspiration etc…

Use and enter key word for alternate words.



January 07, 2009


Yep, that's pretty normal for most. With a low approval rating and few shots it will take a while. It did for me. You have a special area, you just need to find what works best. Use keymasters a few times and spend time looking at keywords everywhere.

January 07, 2009


Definitely give it some time - you've only been at it a month! I have a lot of downloads but few come from my latest uploads each month. You need to get a sizeable pool of images going. Check out this thread for a bunch of people saying how long their first sale took. Keep at it!

January 07, 2009


I am a newbie, too, and I have only 8 images online. My approval rating is much lower than yours, but I am learning a lot and am working to improve it. I have not had any downloads, either. But I'm still hoping. :) Don't get discouraged. From what I've read in the blogs I think everyone starts up slow.

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