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Well, I just got a hard lesson from DT. I uploaded 10 photos within about two weeks and the first two who were moderated were rejected. Honestly, I had high expectations because I spent a lot of time making and edit these pictures.

0-1. "This image is over-processed/ overfiltered." - I opened the redacted photo again and watching from other point of view, is true, the photo is "too proccessed".

0-2. "Wrong composition and poor light" - And once again I am convinced that it is so. I did't follow some basic rules of composition and I I did not choose the correct white-balance and a photo that had good potential was also rejected.

What can I say, the first feeling I had when I saw the photos rejected after I waited more than a week to see the results was one of falling down to earth.

But now I have chosen another tactic.I will put small quests to my self and I will spend more time studying composition and editing images.

It was just the first half. The show must go on!

First quest, to have first photo accepted.


Photo credits: Tonylivingstone.

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May 08, 2013


Thank you all for support and advices. I hope soon I'll complete the first task to begin with second :)

May 08, 2013


Be patient, we all had same issues like you in beginning, after a while you will learn how to properly edit images for DT, and you will have no problems in future. Good luck and just keep shooting and uploading!

May 07, 2013


I think it's just to know how stock works (I'm still guessing) I'm sure you're going to achieve it!

May 07, 2013


It's tough, but at the end you will look back and realize that thanks to those rejections, you have become a better photographer. Keep working at it.

May 07, 2013


Be patient, improve your skills, learn from rejections. You'll become a better photographer. Keep them coming and good luck, I'm sure we'll see your first upload soon. Ciao! :)

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