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I am very pleased with the images that are showing up daily under the new editorial license. It snows in Athens and BOOM, Dreamstime displays images of the Roman Forum covered in snow. Barack Obama appears at a rally and we see him quickly in the news section. (We have a terrific collection of the candidates for the US Presidential nomination now.) Paris Hilton steps out on the street and a Dreamstime contributor with the best vantage point photographs her while the paparazzi look on from behind police lines.

© Imdan

Many Dreamstime photographers have unique access to news items where ever they may occur due to the over 200 countries where you reside. Because many DT contributors are not full time photographers, we have images that could only be taken by people with unique access due to their professions or jobs. So be certain to take advantage of your particular opportunities when you think of images for the editorial section.

What makes a terrific news photo? Sometimes it is simply being at the right place at the right time. In the days before affordable digital cameras put them in the hands of millions and millions, it was a fortunate amateur who was able to photograph a disaster or other unexpected event. Always keep a camera with you. The key photo of the London subway bombing was taken with a cell phone camera, as I recall.

Secondly arrange to get in early to events that will have editorial significance to get the best position. Obviously if the working press is there and you don’t have a press pass, you will be at a disadvantage for the ‘classic’ images. Keep your eyes open as you never know what might happen as the event proceeds. Often the press are all grouped together in one vantage point and thus will all have similar images but different from yours. Perhaps the most significant photo of the assassination of Robert Kennedy may have been taken by a high school student who followed Kennedy into the kitchen where he was shot. The press photographers had mostly left the scene after his speech as I learned when I was an expert witness in one of the most fascinating cases in which I have been involved.

© Mpalis

© Groke

News photos often get published when the quality is less than optimum if the image is the only one available. I remember a shot of Michael Jackson with his hair on fire that happened on a stage in LA while he was rehearsing for a soft drink commercial. The resulting image sold for thousands of dollars, as it was the only image available. And it was difficult to tell not only that it was Michael Jackson but also that it was even a person. Try to remember in the heat of the moment to pay attention to the light and the composition of the image. The key is a combination of patience and quick thinking. Try to anticipate what will happen next and be in a position to capture it. Otherwise the best image might just be like the big fish that got away.

John Harrington's blog has an interesting video

Notice as you watch the video that the photographers covering the US State of the Union Address had an idea of what key image that they were looking for from the location that they had been assigned. Don't be a passive observer: plan ahead by thinking of what the key images might be.

Suggestion: if you aren’t trained to be a war photographer, stay away from conflicts even if you can drive to them. This may sound silly—drive to a war? However, amateur photographers are wounded or killed each year trying to shoot armed conflicts close to where they live. Leave this work to those who understand it. I remember Magnum photographer, Giles Peres, telling me about how he fixed his camera when he was shooting the troubles in Ireland years ago so that he didn’t have to look away from the action to adjust the manual lens. He fixed projections out from each setting on the lens so that he could adjust the settings without taking his eyes off what was going on. That was his way of watching out both for his safety and for the most important pictures.

More links to information

about Peres and his work in Bosnia and Iran. He continues to work today documenting world conflicts.

Photo credits: Andrew Kazmierski, Anna Parciak, Danny Raustadt, Christopher White, Misty Pfeil, Michalakis Ppalis.

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March 26, 2008


Im very glad that DT have the news section now. Often i make pictures of events but its not possible to have Model properties for the pictures so just now it wasn't possible to sell themes. Like the most of us im not a professional photographer and i make pictures first for myself and my family and friends, but im allways happy to sell some pictures too and the news section give me that chance. I can say just thank you very much

February 21, 2008


A great article it is. Ii will be a most exiting thing to see the pictures of myself on the news.

February 21, 2008


New article posted: In the News!

Great article. Thanks for selecting one of my pics.. (Carnival faces..)

February 21, 2008


I really like the way In the News is divided up into sections for each event - it makes it very attractive. I think that has just been introduced, hasn't it?
I wonder if you will actively be marketing particular sets of images to relevant publications. I guess sales to magazines would automatically be special licences (I'm not sure about what the standard usage restrictions are) so it wouldn't take many sales to justify somebody's wages working full time just on this. Once you had established contact with various publishers and got a relationship going it could become quite quick and easy to place images. There would also be spin-off benefits in terms of raising awareness of the entire collection in new markets.

February 21, 2008


Good to see the new section at work

February 21, 2008


Useful information in blog:)

February 20, 2008


Nice tips - thanks!

February 20, 2008


I actually just found a video about what you might need as an Editorial Photographer. It's posted here: Editorial Photography blog

February 20, 2008


Great tips and very interesting blog. Thank you.

February 20, 2008


Never thought about the "secret" insides that we might have has 'part-time' photographers.
It's all about being THERE in the MOMENT.

February 20, 2008


Really interesting blog. Nice tips - thanks!

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