The news: Got 50, at last!

It happened today, suddenly. I see many of people here are proud to get first 50 online. Sure it is kind of milestone. You get some options, becoming exclusive or even participate in assignments.

OK great. I've got 50! But I kind of cheated. No new photos! I was playing with Swift 3D graphics program, rendering tiny figurines with different professions or roles. 32 of them - all accepted.

No problem with isolation on white, no problem with compression artifacts, exposition etc. I spend many hours designing them but I am happy to have nice collection. After 32 I'm out of ideas.

Since I wrote few articles about photography (and you like them) I guess it is about time to replace mouse and keyboard with Oly and get to the real 3D world.

I was having 150 uploads available, now that I am in higher class I got 30 limit because of 18 rejected images before.

Honestly, all images I submitted was my previous works so I just want to give them a try. Bad luck. Those images are not shoot for stock. I really believe that my next stock session could be better as I plan to think before taking a shot. we will see. In the meantime check my figurine collection and tell me which one you like the best.

Here is a sample.

Still no downloads for me, but as soon as I get one I'll let you know. But I have 7 credits for writing here on blog :)

Another interesting thing about this icons. When you click on it it is watermark protected like any other work. But look at them like thumbnails in this blog. Very practical for stealing for web usage, just the right size. I wonder if icon thumbnails could be protected too...

Oh yes... don't worry about my annoying avatar in blog lists. All my avatars are messed up, and support is working on it. Many thanks to Tangie.

Keep up, people!

Photo credits: Aleksandar Horvat.

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Great illustrations!!! I need this program, too... :D
(Viking is best :))


Congrats for reaching that number. I like your designs! I can see your point for being worried about the icon protection. For photos it's not too bad because they won't be any good if you increase the size - with illustrations however it could be a bit more tricky.

As for your inspiration - try a hippy, rapper - something unusual ;)


Wildmac and Asyan, thanks for the ideas, I'll write them down. :) I love this community.


I had a few more thoughts. How about a little devil to go with your angel. Or a few girls like a princess, a bride and a groom. Or a leprechaun with a four leaf clover for St Patricks Day? Zorro with his black mask, clothes and sword or a secret agent with dark glasses and a trench coat? You may end up with 50 little people! :0)


Nice collection, congrats on your 50th image.


Congratulation! I like the Rock Star the most, you can try also a ninja or a Japanese swordsman. Good luck whit them!


Congratulations! All of them are just adorable, so cute, I like the wizard also and the soldier and my very favorite is the chef. They are all very unique and I think you will do well with them. Good luck!!!


Congratulations :-)
I'm on my way to 50, it's being difficult to choose a subject but I promised my self a 50 before the end of the month! I hope!
I like the soccer player he's with the portuguese colors...
Cheers :)


Thank you Wildmac, I like your ideas, I'll put them on the list.


I like them all especially the little wizard. They're great! How about these for some more ideas, a little scotsman in a kilt, a witch, scarecrow, ghost, or Santa Claus! Keep up the great work :0)

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