Newsworthy but I reached upload limit

What to do if you have some newsworthy current event pictures but have uploaded your weekly limit? I uploaded 3 pictures but cannot Complete them because of weekly limit. The Festival is the 4-7 of Nov.

Photo credits: Kphotos6411.

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November 08, 2011


I think there is solution via contacting support and requesting an extra "space" for newsworthy images, or if you have images that are already in the queue but they can wait - delete them and re-upload when weekly limit is reset.

November 05, 2011


No, Bradcalkins, I don't have any that would help. Once you complete the info on a photo and move it to pending, it is counted against your weekly total and if you delete it, they don't give you a replacement.

November 05, 2011


Do you have any in the queue you can delete and resubmit later?

November 05, 2011


There may be some special consideration for such cases if you explain the situation to the Admin.

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