Next level , my second image... advantage?

Today I have a tiny earning for my editorial image (see insert)

This brings the download count to 5. If I am not mistaken that will mean this image goes up to the next level.

So far, I have only one earlier image (ie. isolated of baby hedgehog)

that succeeded going up to the next level.

I am wondering if there is any benefit to this?

I am sure many of you here have lots of images ascending to the next level after 5 downloads. Do you find that it gives you any benefit to your portfolio?

for instance,

- does this increase your visibility in the search placement?

- do you find that having a higher level image rating offer you more downloads for this image, and / or more downloads to your portfolio

in general?

I read that there isn't a higher commission benefit for going up one level. So I am wondering what is the purpose of this?

Thanks for reading my blog and I look forward to see your answers to help me understanding the purpose of getting a rate increase.

Happy Father's Day

Photo credits: Tan510jomast.

Your article must be written in English



Getting more downloads should help search placement, and generally I would agree that images at higher levels seem to sell well. I hesitate to say 'sell more' because the fact that they get to the second level in the first place indicates they will do well regardless... I did wonder if getting more expensive would hurt sales, but haven't really seen any evidence of that. Congrats!


Congratulations to the next level.


Cheers :)


Irisangel answered the question before I could. It is the only question I could answer as I am new here and have only one image to go up to level 2. It does feel good though! Congratulations Matt!
Regards, Larry


If you click on the little Dreamstime symbol indicating the level of your image it will open the chart showing the prices for images at different levels and you will find that there is an increase in price from one level to another. So, congrats on your level 2s.

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