Nice Comment From A Buyer

© Maigi
I'm so happy about those buyers, who take a little time to tell us, how they gonna use our images.

Today a lovely lady bought this image and wrote me: "I think I'd like to use this on my website. Thank you!"

That made my day. :)

Photo credits: Maigi.

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Thank you for your kind comment, Gomez! Glad you like it! :) All my images are available on DT under Royalty-Free License.
Download page:
For the web page use you probably need Extra small or Small Version.
DT Support can help you with licensing questions. Have a beautiful day! maigi


Hey its really very nice photograph i have seen.I'd like to add this to my web site galleries.



That's a really great story, Cathy! Take care. :)


Yes, I always appreciate it when they take the time to leave a note. I've only a few, but one went beyond what was expected: she sent me the magazine for which she used my pic as the front page. All the way from Russia! How awesome is this? I was and still am so thankful! :O)


that it's grat



Thank you, guys! Heh, Eva, you have such a cool profile photo! Best wishes to both of you too!


hi maigi, you a lucky one- congrats! but most of all: you took a photo of my most favourit flower in an very nice way-thank you!


So nice when a buyer takes the time to leave a comment. Wonderful photo, such vibrant color! Hope you get lots more comments in the future!

Best regards,


Thank you, Kittycat, Creativei, Linqong. :) It's really great to get comments. But I understand also, why many buyers don't leave them. If we buy a book from a store, we seldom have a chance to thank the author. We just pay for the book and go home to enjoy it. Author can assume from sales numbers, how much people like his work. So, it's a business, like somebody on forums said. But on the other hand, I think it's a little bit different for pro photographers and hobbyists. If you produce hundreds photos per day, I guess you don't become so attached with your photos, but if you are hobbyist and create couple of images in week, those images become very special and you care more about what will happen with them. But maybe I'm making injustice to professionals now... Anyway, comments are great, they make me really happy, but of course they shouldn't be compulsory.


Hi Magi,Great shot!


Hi Magi, Great image. I love when buyer's leave a note. :)


You out of 300 downloads just got two comments, I wish I got more comments to know where the image is used. Anyways congrats Maigi, wow this image is just too good.


Hey, thank you all for your good words!


nice photo,congrats!


it's nice when you know how you use your own image! Congratulations to you and to the buyer



Woow that's great! I wish some buyer leave a comment on my photo, too. That photo is really amazing!


Thanks, Carolyn. Have a nice day!


Yes, it is a beautiful image. Looks tact sharp. The colors just grab you.


Hi Iris, such comments are really nice. Happy for you! :)


Hi Maigi, It is very nice to get a comment like that. I got one toady saying the buyer was using one of my Christmas frames for her personal greeting cards this year. Beautiful image in this post. I love the vibrant color of the poppies.

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