Nice surprise today

© Sil63
I found two of my pics were Editors' Choice today :) What a nice surprise!

Blue gate on beach was shot while at the beach. I had to apply many levels adjustments and some dodging and burning to make the sky look dramatic and at the same time have the gate not sink in total shade. Had I had a flash at that time I would have probably filled in the shadows easily.

Neoclassical building interior was shot many years ago in Messina with my newly bought Nikon d70. This building interior looked really fascinating to me. I really liked the yellow light coming through the glass ceiling. I wasn't satisfied until I found this awkward point of view. I then added a slight diffuse effect in ps and some noise reduction with noise ninja.

Hope you like it too! :)

© Sil63

Photo credits: Silvia Ganora.

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July 20, 2008


Photojay: you are right! Wish I had my flash at the time I took that photo... Thanks a lot for the comment :)

July 19, 2008


both great images! A flash for that gate definitely would have saved you all that PS work, but I have been in the same situation, so I completely understand what you went throught to get that image looking like it does. Great job. I hope they sell like hotcakes!

May 06, 2008


Thanks, Howard! :)

May 05, 2008


Beautiful images Sil...I particularly like the blue gate and the way the sky plays off it!

May 05, 2008


Many thanks! :))

May 05, 2008


O_O wow Silvia..these are REALLY great shoot...I'm so happy for you..I love all yoyr shoots but this Blue gate is marvellous!Congratulation:*

May 02, 2008


Many thanks everybody! :)

May 01, 2008


i must agree, the blue gate on the beach is my fav too!!! congrats!!!

May 01, 2008


Congratulations! What an honor. I think my favorite is the beach and blue gate. I can see so many concept uses there.

May 01, 2008


Congratulations Silvia! Well deserved: this two pictures are great! Bye, Rob.

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