Nicemonkey - and his fellow zoo friends

How did you come about your name?

Mine is quite and straight forward one - Nicemonkey comes from my daughter, I have always called her monkey....when I was trying to come up with a name she suggested adding the nice bit to the front and thus Nicemonkey was born.

Whats your story?

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October 01, 2007


My name comes from a comicbook character. His name is Lobo, and he is an interegalactic hitman who destroyed his home planet in order to be unique.. He often uses "frag!" or "fragger!" as either a replacement for the work kill or killer, and he also uses it as a curse word. When I first started using a 1200 baud modem, and calling local BBS's (Bulletin Board Systems), I wanted a handle that showed some attitude. As all the shooter games started to adopt the term, I found it harder and harder to sign on boads without having to choose fragger49023482095 so I eventually added another part of the Lobo mythos, which is that he often refers to himself as "The Main Man" and made it MainFragger . So far, there is just some artist in Europe with that handle, and I show up a lot more on internet searches than he does, so I've kept it..

September 04, 2007


Minpin, my most loyal and devoted friend, my 15-year old red Miniature
pinscher. His predecessor was Cayenne so, naturally, he was given the name of Pepper. What a joy - if only we could all live up to the devotion
and love of our 4-legged companions!

August 26, 2007


My name TheFinalMiracle was actually a term used by the people whom I healed or counselled over the years. They were using it without my knowledge earlier. Its hard to digest such a name.

August 24, 2007


You name is cooler than mine. Mine means 1987 Toyota Supra - the car I bought when I graduated high school back in 2000. Now It's 20 years old, and I have a feeling I'll be getting rid of it soon - then what? Ah well...too late to change the name now, I guess. HA! I'll say that it's from a Seinfeld episode - the one with the soup NAZI - "no supe for you!!"

August 16, 2007


Just my name.I'm Yelena.

August 15, 2007


Some interesting names and also great gallery's. Its really good to look at some of the undiscovered images that don't always come up on the searches!

August 15, 2007


icyimage - the idea is from my wife. She simply love the blue color, also the water, but first of all icy also is the image it self, because when you take picture, especialy from people, the moments are frozen, only for that time, and you can't back it. You just make them icy and when they needed you, you are reminding.
Every day is new, do something that you'll never regret, use your opportunitis and always choose the right things.

August 15, 2007


I liked the self deprecating funny term photogeek, when I was looking for a "screen" name for my flickr account, but that was already taken. As a consequence, I decided to use the Romanian spelling for the first part and so "fotogeek" was born.

August 15, 2007


Mine came from Tangerine, the character in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind...someone described me so and pretty soon, all my friends came to call me as such: Tangerine or Tangie, which is shorter. It is prettier than my real name I guess. And it holds some meaning.

August 14, 2007


Limeyrunner because I am from England originally and runner because I used to run...alot. However now I can't seem to run very much without stopping to take a photo!!

August 14, 2007


Well my name is TONY and I support the GERS (Glasgow Rangers)
Simple really! :-)

August 14, 2007


Mine, Hobbyink, came about as my fiance and I were looking into publishing art prints (that went out the window, but it's a long story). Since I enjoy taking pictures of his hobby, which is precision and tactical firearms, the title "Hobby" naturally came to mind. Since we were looking into art prints, and prints are made with ink, the title "HobbyInk" came to be. I found it very catchy, so it has traveled with me as I've been making the transition from art photography to stock photography. :)

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