One afternoon in Shanghai Pudong Airport, I stepped shiningly among the swarms of people inside, with my orange Osprey Ceres on my shoulders, which can bear numerous burdens. The sunlight through the French windows led to the wandering and sleepiness. The cradle car laid a dancing babe in the opposite of view, who was enjoying a sound dream leisurely. From the tag attached with the car, I got to know she was just arriving from St. Petersburg.

Royal Nepal Airlines Boeing 757 flashed in dazzling silver, the parking apron chilled in the strong winds. A couple with a pair of Big packs was accompanied on the same plane. Greetings exchanged by nodding among the mountaineers in between. The airline stewardesses were pretty and elegant, with their watering eyes. When I started to aperture for focusing, naughty Anderson sat next to me was always dragging my clothes corner.

My journey then kicked off at the greetings of “Namaste!” from the stewardesses together.

When taking off, I was nervous and I felt my heart beat was accelerating with speed-up of the plane engine. The upset remained not until I happened to see the little boy in front seat was reading “Doraemon” freely, as if nothing had happened, and soon I pretended to look around in order not to be that embarrassing. The aircraft roared forward after the dramatic turbulence. I felt my eardrum bulging with the gradually increasing elevation. All in a sudden, I was lifted off, in the direction of west-south by west.

Photo credits: Newkoala.

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