Boeing 757's smooth beyond imagination, I did not feel any discomfort from its 10,000 meters up-climbing for the balance of the wings and its turning kept perfect proportion. The sun dazzled sharply above the clouds, dizzily; while the rivers and mountains of our motherland were interlaced under the belly-hold, of which made me feel so proud.

It turned dark after fish steak as dinner. The huge Himalayan mountain chains looked as a black joined-together. With the scarlet setting sun in far distant, I was jumping over the boundary of the motherland at 28,000 feet, in a complex feeling and melancholy that the day was falling but the road was still long to go. In that cabin, a group of tourists larking about with Shanghai local dialect loudly regardless of the occasions, which broke the peaceful gracefulness, were really disgusting.

When the aircraft crossed the south base of the Himalayas, the weather changed so suddenly that the visibility sharply decreased, resulting from views blocked by the rain and fog. Long light beams then dragged from the rear of the wings seemed to be two tails of the cornet.  Kathmandu was drawing near.

The Royal Bird turned downward and crossed the city of lights on rapidly. In excitement, I just landed on the capital of the Kingdom of Nepal at 800 meters altitude. The scattered drizzles pattering on my Mountain Hard Wear, as if washing my long vacation, made me feel comfortable and fresh. The air was rather cool and chill. Thanks to my mother’s advice on having one more sweater on, I did not feel that chilled at all. “Isn’t Shanghai in the rain now?” Oh, my! What a boy started a homesick just after stepping on the foreign land!

The airport greeting buddy, whose name was KK, clever and cute, warm and ease, spoke hard-to-understand Nepal English. Our traveling bus shuttled in the night of Kathmandu. The brilliant palace and old city were neither close nor distant, as though they were two different worlds. Occasionally an ascetic monk appeared to slog his way along the raw street barefoot. After seven to eight turns, we arrived at last in Kantipur Garden Hotel in Thamel.

The top located Roof Restaurant was in an open air garden construction. At the time I sat in the colorful awning made of a bunch of gorgeous flowers, the rain, which we have waited for so long, came in Kathmandu. The tiny cool raindrops touched my face as girls whispered in my ear. Our exhausted faces turned in the light of candles flickering at dinner table. We leaned the chair arms, with soft and light music surrounded, and enjoyed the fragrance of the Nepal milk tea. What a beautiful, mysterious and amazing night of Kathmandu! I was intoxicated!


Photo credits: Newkoala.

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April 27, 2008


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