Night images

I discovered about a year ago that I love taking shots of the things I see during the day, at night time.

It's nice to try and capture the little light you get in those conditions ...

Anyway, hope you like these few pictures and if you have some similar images send them to me so I can study your techniques and learn more!

'Till next time ... all the best!

Photo credits: Andra Mohorea.


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December 09, 2009


lovely scenes. I think the timing is very important for the colour balance.

December 09, 2009


Beautiful images... good luck with them!

December 09, 2009


I love taking pictures at night time myself. I think what I have to improve on is trying to get there a little earlier while there is still some light left in the sky. Most of my skies turn out pitch black because I can't get organised on time :)

   Stockholm At Night      Reichstag Berlin      Brandenburg Gate      Castle of Prague      Image not available or id is incorrect.   

December 09, 2009


great architecture images!

December 08, 2009


Very nice shots!!

December 08, 2009


great shots, not always easy to take night shots and you've managed really well :)

December 08, 2009


I only have 2 night shots and I live in a small town so no major city lights and huge buildings here.These are of our power station taken in early evening as the light was fading. I wanted color in the sky and I wanted the lights to show too. So I took heaps at different shutter speeds as the light changed. They were a 1st try at night shots. Cheers Carol :0)  Image not available or id is incorrect.  Image not available or id is incorrect.  Oops I put them in back to front. The bottom one came 1st then the top one :P

December 08, 2009


go have a look to my collection of night shots, something can maybe interest you!

December 08, 2009


Beautiful photos:)

December 08, 2009


Great work! I love night scenes! Good luck ;)

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