Nikkor 18-300mm Lens Field Test Results

I purchased the new Nikkor 18-300 mm (f/3.5-5.6) lens today and ran it through a bunch of test in various condition and the results are in… this is a great lens for $1,000 (US)! It maintains excellent sharpness even with shots done fully extended at 300mm, there is practically no darkening around the corner/edges, very low noise, and sharpness on close subjects is spectacular. Drawbacks… slight chromatic aberration on high contrast edges that are near the sides of the photo when shooting with longer focal lengths at 250 to 300mm. But even the chromatic aberration is very slight and easily fixable.

I tested a Tamron 18-270mm today as well, at about half the price of the Nikkor 18-300, the Tamron 18-270 was a big disappointment. I won't make this a Tamron bashing article, because I absolutely love my Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro lens.

If you can't afford a really good two or three thousand dollar lens, the Nikkor 18-300mm is a great medium costing lens that will not disappoint at it's selling price!

Photo credits: Mike2focus.

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Comostellar, yes the Tamron 90mm is awesome. I don't use it for stock work much, but I should start thinking more about the macro/micro stock possibilities. I think I might have only 3 or 4 shots up for sale that I shot with that lens. Here's one of the shots. This little frog was only about an 1.5 inches (38mm) long. I've also used the lens for jewelery photography for a local jeweler. So it paid for itself already.



Thanks for the info......The Tamron 90mm Macro sounds great from what I that true!!!


Thanks everyone for your comments! Mike


Congratulations for your good purchase

M4rio1979 is always a good feeling to buy some new lens or equipment.


Thanks for your answer! Thanks for the review!


enjoy...wish Canon had something similar at the same price range.


Great lens on nikon, thanks for this review helpful!


The camera body that I use most is my Nikon D5100, which I have to give good reviews on also! For a camera that's under a thousand dollars (US) it takes beautiful images!


Which body did you use?


Thanks for sharing. This lens is on my wish list and it's always good to get the opinion of someone who has used it.


Enjoy your new lens, congratulations.

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