Nikon?Canon?Sony ? what if : The Red Scarlet / Epic video/still camera system

I was recently considering the idea of buying a new camera, and I literally thrown myself in the web looking for what i would love to buy and what i would more realistically buy .(why do we need money?:)

So I started looking at Nikon, Canon, Sony , Mamiya,Hasselblad,Leica...

Well im surely not going to buy an Hasselblad , but hey !! 1 day I will:))

Nikon,Sony and Canon , all offer high quality full frame DSLR systems, and both Canon and Nikon have introduced in some of their models (5dmII, D5000) the video mode, which guarantees HD video capabilities.

Sadly, something annoying is that there is a new camera coming out every 4 to 6 months and each time offering some new capabilities and neither Nikon nor Canon hv found a solution as yet ,creating a kind of upgradable system...

And then I came across the Red Scarlet/Epic system.... The camera is to say the least "different", but it seemed very interesting to me.

The idea is to have a still/video camera of which everything is upgradeable and interchangeable...from the body/brain where the sensor is to the hand grip.

They offer body with sensors between 36*24mm and a monstrous 186*56 (yes u did read right 186*56 mm)28k 6micron...and guess what, it mounts both canon and Nikon lenses and in the video camera mode shoots at an amazing rate of 120frames per sec...It downloads raw files on 80 gigs hard disk cards.

But what i find amazing and in someway a great idea is that the system offers you the chance to never worry about what camera is coming out because u could one day just upgrade yr system without changing it completely or just work at building and adjusting to your needs ,your unique custom made camera .

I know good things hardly come cheap but has I mentioned above, nothing wrong with dreaming..... dreamstime right?:PP

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I'd like to do that with cars someday..I'd get what I want, maybe...and how about husbands? Oh, dear, I just started a war, I afraid :-0