Hello everybody, many say nikon is better than canon and some say canon is better than nikon,but at the end one has to be winner. So please post your comments so that we can make out who is the winner.

Photo credits: Mondeo2k42.


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January 28, 2008


If you are interested in ending your dilemma once and for all, I suggest you should visit - they have a series of professional articles comparing Cannon and Nikon equipment. I really recommend reading them. I will not influence your decision by saying which brand I would choose. I just hope you will find the link useful.

Regards, Janusz

January 15, 2008


I don't think that question can be answered objectively or definitively.

I have used Nikon film cameras and loved them. At that time they were the only cameras worth owning. Then Nikon made some rather odd decisions about changing lens coupling and I switched to Canon film. I loved them and they were the only cameras worth owning.

I have stayed with Canon through the years and made my transition to digital using Canon. I cannot imagine a better camera. My friends who use Nikon feel the same way about their cameras. Each has features that are good, each has some things that could be changed. Basically, if you use either, you're using the best available technology (accepting that the approaches to technology are different) and best quality equipment.


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