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A dpreviewer is walking down the road when he stops a big bunch of people mostly carrying large white lenses. Impressed by the huge arsenal of equipment the guys are carrying the dpreviewer goes for a closer look. Further scrutiny reveals that they all have Canon 1Ds except for one guy with a beaten up old Nikon. Curiousity piqued the dpreviewer approaches the guy with the Nikon and asks why he has chosen Nikon when all of the other pros are using Canon? 'You mean these guys' replies the the guy with the Nikon, ... 'Oh they are all members of the local amateur photography club. They just hired me to take their picture.'

Photo credits: Pedro Nogueira.

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August 26, 2010


My Brother-in-law was at a wedding and his cousin brought out his 5D and a 70-200 F2.8 (white lens) to shoot some photos for the bride and groom. The hire pro wedding photographer who was shooting with a nikon D70 ask the cousin to leave the ceremony since his policy was "no other pro photographers can be allowed when he is the hired photographer" even though his cousin wasn't a pro. It's funny how people associate equipment with level of skill. lol

August 26, 2010


:-):-):-) Great .-) This is fun!

August 26, 2010


Good joke, I like that one, especially as the colours of Canon are a pet hate of mine. Of course I'll be the one photographer who is carrying a Pentax. Jdanne, you triggered off a memory. I remember being at my friend's birthday party and she was firing off photos from her new digital P&S. She eventually stopped and I asked why she had stopped. She replied I've finished the roll. I said, um can't you just delete some of your photos and keep shooting? She looked so embarrassed.

August 26, 2010


This joke remained me to a real story: Couple of years ago my sister, me and some of her friends went on vacation. It was the time when the digital cameras came into vogue - several members of that group had one of these early P&S digital cameras from different vendors. They did shoot around calling me totally old fashioned with my old analog Nikon F100.

End of the story: The only photos which were left from that vacation were from my F100 Nikon! All of these premature digital cameras failed: One got totally broken, the next one had a broken memory card, etc.

August 25, 2010


But of course Nikons do rule!!

August 25, 2010


Good Joke.... hahahaha (I liked because I use a Nikon camera, I have to say).

August 25, 2010


Great! :) Thanks! Love your jokes! ;)

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