No Firefox Automatic Spell Check When Entering Titles

Just a warning to newcomers, I still make this mistake - there is NO automatic Firefox spell check when entering the Title of your picture!

I see this all the time when searching the database that another poor soul was caught in a spelling disaster. Unfortunately, no one will find, view or download your photo if the spelling is not correct.

Sometimes you get sloppy, rushed or just don't know how to spell the word. A trick I use to make sure I avoid this black hole is write my title in the description area. Firefox will put a red squiggly line under it indicating a misspell. Next right click to select the correct spelling, then copy/paste or drag it into the Title section, done and done with confidence.

Photo credits: MorganOliver.

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January 09, 2011


Petarneychev...that's great..thanks..I did what you said and waiting for the opportunity now to try it! Really, thanks for the help! And I hope this really helped a lot of our other peers.

January 09, 2011


You can make Firefox spell check all text fields in a page. Here's what you need to do:
1) In the address bar enter about:config, you might get a caution notice you'll need to confirm.
2) Filter for layout.spellcheckDefault (it will refresh the filtered results automatically).
3) Double click the value and change it to 2. If you ever want to restore the default just right-click on the value and choose "Reset" from the menu.

January 09, 2011


Thanks for sharing!

January 08, 2011


I too use Firefox, and if you mean it makes the corrections by indicating a misspell by a squiggly red underline and then you can right click for suggestions to what you're trying to spell...then, yes, it does not do this when, at least I, am entering a title for my uploads. It will however indicate misspells in the description area (as well as in this comment box) to which I then copy/paste or drag my title into the space provided. For example..."Ballon" has a Firefox red line under it in this comment box, but would not indicate a spelling error in a title box. Just want to help.

January 08, 2011


I use Firefox and I don't have this problem....

January 08, 2011


If you use Firefox it spell checks on the fly...but good point!

January 08, 2011


Good tip, thanks for sharing :-)

January 08, 2011


haha nice trick! I do fill the information in photoshop...!
But thanks for reminding ;)

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