No more roses?

It would be helpful if DT had a list of images that are overloaded in its directory so they don't really want any more. I just had an isolated beautiful rose with a bee rejected because there are too many already.

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September 05, 2011


It is becoming harder now that everyone has a digital camera...

September 05, 2011


A healthy habit (besides eating tomatoes without shooting them first...) is to research the topic of your shots before submitting them. There are 105.224 rose-images in the database. If you truly believe your image can compete with the bestsellers, by all means, submit yours! But if you're not that sure, think again ;)

September 05, 2011


Your port is way too healthy. You need to put some red meat in there ;-) Congrats on ur first sale.

September 05, 2011


or tomatoes.....

September 05, 2011


Yes, it is a fact that there are already too many landscape, flowers and animals in the database... So no more roses! ;)

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Photo credits: Kphotos6411.