No More Worthless Cats

This is a difficult blog for me to write and I can hardly believe I am doing it. Not only is it my first ever blog entry but it is about my wife's CATS! I don't have any pets. My wife has two cats. Are you beginning to get the picture...?

One cat is an orange tabby named Princess. She HAS to be related to my mother-in-law. The two have exactly the same disposition, traits and looks, right down to the annoying whining all the time and a skinny, scrawny appearance. They both are elderly, frail and have been trying to die for a long time. I am convinced they both will outlive me. I have been trying for some time and for some strange reason to get a good photo of her (the cat that is). There will never be a good photo of my mother-in-law...:) Every time I took a shot, her eyes were closed or she would do some other cat thing like lick her butt just when I was about to take the picture. However, as luck would have it, I finally got one that I thought came out OK, technically speaking of course. I took a chance, the only time I have ever hoped for a rejection, I submitted it to Dreamstime in the offhand chance they were hard up for scrawny cat pictures and was surprised to have it accepted!

The other cat is a brown tabby named Target. When I told my brother the cat's name, he said he liked animals with "functional" names. He thinks like me I guess... Target is much different from Princess. For one thing Target can't stand Princess. They often have hissing fights and chase after each other all around the house until Princess jumps up on something higher than the coffee table to safety. Target is fat and lazy and can't jump. Target has front claws - Princess doesn't. Life isn't always fair, I guess, but she has more than adequately compensated with speed and jumping ability. Target also is a lap cat. Princess literally howls if you try to touch her. Anyway, I got several photos of Target accepted on Dreamstime, much to my surprise.

The upshot of all this is that, incredibly, I have now had one download of an image for each cat. For years I have been feeling sorry for myself, having to put up with these stinking, worthless cats. For years I have been supporting mooching animals in the house who had no idea, no plans and no ambition to go out and get a job to earn their keep... until now. With these recent downloads I have suddenly realized that one of my prime arguments AGAINST having cats is slowly crumbling and the truth is, my wife no longer has worthless cats...



Photo credits: Ken Cole.

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May 12, 2015


Hi, I know how you feel. I have an orange and white Tabby named Tigger. He is 14 yrs. old and 22 lbs. He has trouble climbing because of his weight. He also has colitis. The vet bills have been stupendous.
I downloaded my first photo of him here today. I plan on adding more. He might as well earn his keep somehow. Good luck with yours. They are very cute.

August 23, 2007


LOL, Ken, even though I love cats ! Just hope your mother-in-law doesn't get the url !
Speaking of "functional" names. . . Mr Toastie ? Hmm, a reference left over from the
sixties, perhaps ? :)

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