No weddings, no way!

Since becoming a fulltime stock photographer I have been inundated with requests from family and friends to photograph them, their pets, their homes etc. Most of the time these shoots are a fun way to do something nice for the people I care about, as well as provide me with a great opportunity to expand my portfolio. However there is one request that I have always turned down with a very definite no, and that is weddings.

I find it frustrating when a young 'bride to be', (one who's spent a small fortune on everything from the bachelorette party to the table decorations at the reception for 200 people), decides it's time to become frugal when it comes to finding a photographer. Yes, I know that I can take good pictures, much better than uncle Joey can, and yes, I do have a big camera and know what all the buttons on it are for, (this really impresses people) but I do not have any experience in wedding photography.

A good wedding photographer knows how to anticipate and capture all those once in a life time moments. There are no reshoots at weddings! And when the big day is over, all you are left with is the memories and the pictures.

So I tell these 'brides to be' that a good and experienced wedding photographer is money incredibly well spent. You are paying for years of experience. I do hope they take my advice.

Now if uncle Joey decides to get married for the fourth time and holds a back yard wedding with just a few guests.... ok, then I'm in! :)

But seriously, hats off to all

the wedding photographers out there!

Photo credits: Barbara Helgason.

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January 23, 2011


"Since becoming a fulltime stock photographer" .. . I like that :)
Maybe I'll get there some time :D

March 08, 2010


I agree with all the people who suggest that you should give a try. Well you can do it for free for the first few times, as to get experience. be the unofficial photographer and see how it works. once you get confidence, you can be the master of this field. Give it a try

March 04, 2010


I couldn't agree more. Having done wedding photography years ago (free lance, a cheap alternative to the studio for a frugal bride), using medium format film in an era when the max a film back could take was 40 photos before needing a film change (ah, digital), and when special effects were done in the camera, I'm so glad I don't do it now. I still get an occasional request to shoot a wedding because I know how to take pictures. Not wedding pictures, tho. I was never very good at that, hated the stress of it all and bow down to all those wedding photographers out there who do this for a living. I will not be a competitor there. I've seen what they can do, and I'm a rank amateur in that area.

March 01, 2010


I haven't yet been asked to do a wedding! However I would say no..too much responsibility. Do take a camera along though and take a nice image to frame as a gift. Sandra

February 27, 2010


hey, really, if that's your silhouette then I'm your fan :)
I have a friend who do wedding photographs...and is not that cool as it looks. Most of the time, subjects are simply not interesting, people don't look that good as in the movies and everyone is boring, just doing their duty. Is such a plastic ceremony that in my conception, you, also must be very boring to take pictures at. But maybe is just me.

February 27, 2010


I do weddings from time to time, but not very many, they can be real hard work. Biggest issue in my part of the world is that folk don't want to pay more than the price of the blank CD! They think why should they pay me, when Uncle Joe will not only shoot it for free but will pay for an expensive album for them too. It was fun to go as a guest to one which I lost as too expensive and watch a spotty lad with his P&S do the wedding pictures.


February 24, 2010


I did it only once and I felt like fish in a water. It was a great experience! If I would have a bit of spare time I would do it again.

February 23, 2010


I did a hand full of weddings many 5 to 6 years ago. Would NEVER do them again. I have NO fond memories from doing weddings. I love how you use " frugal".... way to kind... More like Cheap A##. One wedding spent $70k on flowers and was nickel & dimeing about the pictures. I stopped after that.

I also know a Photographer that quit after she was sued becaused they bride "did not like" the pictures. There was nothing wrong with them.

Well best of luck to those that do Wedding Photography.

February 23, 2010


Like everyone who has commented above, I have a lot of admiration of those making a living doing wedding photography. So far, I have done one wedding for a co-worker who knew I was not experienced but also knew I would do the best that I could. Because she was relaxed about what I would do for her, I was also relaxed and got some really good photos that we are both happy with. I would encourage everyone, if the situation comes about where you are asked to do a wedding and you know the families well, give it a try. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would!

February 23, 2010


You have some very beautiful, creative photographs! I'm with most of the others: take the chance! I'd love to try some wedding photography (maybe as a second photographer just for the experience), but I don't know anybody who is getting married. And some family friends whose portraits I would love to take don't want their photo taken because of their wrinkles, etc... If people WANT you to take their photo, then you're very fortunate indeed! =)

February 23, 2010


You are right Weddings are not easy to shoot. To be a great wedding photographer you have to care more than anyone else in the room about what is happening in front of you and have the desire to capture it with your camera so it lasts forever. If you do not have that passion then, while you may be capable of taking great photos, the images will be flat and lifeless and will not reflect the spirit of the day. When I began in wedding photography I worked with an amazing photographer who I can only describe as manic about getting every shot. It was great training and has paid off. If you don't have that passion, if you don't "want the ball" because you don't believe you are the only one in the room who is capable of getting the "great" shots, then it is not a good idea for you to take on the responsibility of shooting someone's once-in-a-lifetime moment.

February 23, 2010


Ha-ha, it's so funny and smart)
I'm with Maen too) You should take your chance and try! Your pictures are great and you can make your friends happy. And it's a nice thing to start shooting your friend's or your relative's weddings. They are not so picky, and moreover, you know them well and can do better than any stranger, whatever professional he/she is.
When I only got my camera (and didn't know what all the buttons on it were for), one of my friends asked me to be a photographer at her wedding. Luckily it wasn't big, but I was still very nervous. But it really appeared to be not so difficult. All the guests were my friends, and eagerly made what I asked them to. My friend is still happy with those photos. Although I know that now I can do it much better)

And these pink roses are gorgeous!

February 23, 2010


I completely agree. I turn down invitations to photograph weddings for the same reasons. I have no training or experience in wedding photography. Granted, I would not charge a lot because I do not have the experience and am risking missing those once-in-a-lifetime moments! I can't anticipate them! I haven't even been to many weddings as an attendee! I encourage them to choose photographers that specialize in weddings and have well-experienced wedding photographers. I do everything else though!

February 23, 2010


Weddings are my FT job - I think I'm going to take one this year just for stock. Nothing but stock. lol ISO 100 wedding photography - ewwww! haha

February 23, 2010


"know what all the buttons on it are for, (this really impresses people)"
That's the best today, thank you!

February 23, 2010


Absolutly right. I spent a fortune for my wedding pictures, but I'm so proud and happy when I look at them! Anyway congratulations for your wedding pictures, they are really beautiful and professional.

February 23, 2010


I' m with Maen you really need to take new chances. I know is scary, however if you do it I'm sure it ll be good experience for you and for your confidence. Good luck!!

February 23, 2010


I like your wedding concepts! Congrats!

February 22, 2010


Yes great respect for professional wedding photographers & all pro photographers!
But I think you should take your chance in start shooting weddings! There should be a first time!
Thumb up for uncle Joey it seems he went married for the 4th time! Nice shots! :))

February 22, 2010


I agree. As a matter of fact, I was talking to a guy who teaches wedding photography courses, and he said that the one thing he hears a lot is: I want to do weddings because it's like a party every weekend. He has to remind these people that a wedding day has no do-over. It's more serious than a party.

When I explained that is why I would never do one, he told me that I would probably be a good wedding photographer for the simple fact that I care enough to know I don't want to risk it. I am sure he would say the same thing about you. :-)

By the way, your dog photos are my absolute favorite on here (and I have a couple myself)! Keep up the GREAT work. I love your portfolio!

And just in case you didn't see it, someone in a blog said they found your grooving puppy picture on a mouse pad in DC. Congrats!!!

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