Nocturnal Photography

They say: "Photography is all about lighting". And it's true. How many times I have experienced truth of the words "No light - no photo". But... is there any place in the world, were at some moment is absolutely no light? Maybe only if you lock yourself in some airtight, crackless room. But usually there's always light. Maybe sometimes just too little, but it is. So... where's light, there can be a photo.

© Yujiro
I discovered a site what unites nocturnal photographers from all around the world. It calls The Nocturnes:

There are fantastic galleries with nocturnal photos and lot of tips for night photography.

My current favorites are Dan Heller, Sean McHugh, Toni Ramón, William Lesch, Helen K. Garber, Philip Pankov and Troy Paiva. But especially Philip Pankov, his homepage made me too emotional... too much beauty... and Karekin Goekjian's work is also very interesting. Have a look.

And here are some great photos, from our DT lightmasters. Or nightmasters? :)

© Cortez
© Tashka
© Cortez
© Bright

Photo credits: , John Valenti, Bright, Ali Seifert, Kutt Niinepuu, Gary718, Gehringj, Kalvis Kalsers, Ken Cole, Brian Paternoster, Dmitry Yashkin, Stuart Key, Rene Drouyer, Natalia Bratslavsky, Hiroshi Ichikawa.

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March 01, 2008


Glad you like it. :) All the best to you!

March 01, 2008


There are many beautiful photos up in this blog! Thanks for interesting link!

February 17, 2008


You are welcome. :)

February 17, 2008


Thanks for info!!

February 06, 2008


Thanks, I`m glad to be here.

February 05, 2008


Thank you, guys. So, who's gonna sleep tonight? ;) Ken, you have a lot of great night shots on site, no wonder you love it. I discovered that city is especially beautiful in the night after rain, all those light reflections are so great then.

February 05, 2008


What a cool site, thanks Maigi!Great article...

February 05, 2008


Very nice choice, and thanks for the website, I also love night photography ....

February 05, 2008


Thanks for the selecting one of my night photos and for the great article with the link, Maigi! I love night photography and want to do a lot more. I will never forget the first time I took a long exposure night shot and was blown away when I discovered the camera captured things out in the middle of a field in the darkness I couldn't see with the naked eye. Night photography yields completely different images than daylight shots of the same thing and I am so fascinated with it. I just need to get out and do more!

February 05, 2008


Thanks Maigi for the interesting blog and the useful link!
And the images you chose are awesome!

February 05, 2008


what a great collection of images. I often have too much going on during the day and find myself wandering around the streets of my local city with camera and tripod in tow. Finding light in the night can be easier than during the day, sometimes.

February 03, 2008


You are welcome. :) Sometimes it just needs a little bit more time to observe how light is changing during the night, sometimes it just luck - to be in the right place at the right time in the right weather :) But with very long shutter speeds you just can't see with your naked eye how it gonna look like on your photo, you just have to experiment and see what you'll get :) Best wishes!

February 02, 2008


Thanks for the link on that website. I have been looking to do more night shooting but I often lack inspiration.

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