Noisy photos ..

Had a bit of a problem myself .. too much noise in the photos.

I thought the lens I used was at fault but a friend nicely showed me a few things I didn't know.

This is gonna sound stupid to many of you but I'm sure quite a lot of newbies throwing themselves into stock photo would have done the same...

The ISO action on my Nikon D90 I try to lower at 200 ISO but for some reason if the Auto ISO settings would always put it up quite significantly.

What I'm trying to say is there are many many options on a camera and we're all kind of learning as we go along I guess. I thought selecting the ISO manually would get rid of the Auto option but I then realised I had to switch it off some other place.

Also I now use the Exposure Delay Mode (about 1 second) + the remote when using the tripod so there is absolutely no physical interaction with the camera .. all of this has reduced potential vibrations.

I then compared different sets of pictures and I can honestly say the quality of the picture in terms of clarity and sharpness is way better than before (still using the same kit I was using before!)

Conclusion .. Read your manuals and get to know your camera before you fiddle around with noise reduction tools. What you want is to get the best out of your camera first and then put the finishing touches if necessary ..

As I said, not trying to teach anything here .. .I'm the first one to learn from my own mistakes. I know a new lens would be good but before I can afford it, there are other things I can do to improve the quality of my photography ;)


Photo credits: Christophe Jossic.

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October 10, 2010


Thank you for the advice and comments, it´s true that even if you set manually the ISO the camera may have a preset of a range of maximum and minimum ISO it is allowed to use, so you have "to talk seriously" to your D90 and "tell her" to use only ISO 200 (for example)..
Good luck with your work!

October 08, 2010


Very good advice. One must know how to use all of their gear in order to produce the best photo possible.

October 08, 2010


Thanks for sharing!

October 07, 2010


I'm glad you have been solving some of the noise on your pics, I also use a D90 and I think is a great camera but as always you have to learn what works to get the best of it.

October 07, 2010


Thank you.

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