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As a child school trips always made me buy a kodak film with 26 exposures to load into an instamatic camera and then plan each portrait well. Sometimes the exposures had been completely been used up before we had got on the bus. The power of friendships we shared as classmates made us want to capture the coolest people laughing or making silly faces or showing off their new jacket.

Using a digital camera whilst walking through London the need to get a shot perfect, so as not to waste the film, is of course zero. The weather is the only thing to play a key part in whether I take the shot or not.

The ruins look better without friends in the picture so the history of the old church can speak for itself. But the fun of following the school pal with the loudest laughter and capturing what was happening in that moment is not there now as I try to capture non-fiction images.

I do have to wait though for a few rays of sunshine to fall through the clouds, so maybe the sunny moments of the playground are always in the photos.

Photo credits: Lita Doolan.

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June 02, 2014


Ah film...lovely pic.

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