From Northern Ireland

Hi people,

I was working as a health-care assistant in Belfast in this October and I have to admit that this town and the whole Northern Ireland is beautiful. There are lots of sights and, of course, amazing nature.

© Rzs
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I'd like to mention the Mourne Mountains. They are located in County Down, near the town of Newcastle. I made an arduous expedition across these mountains because some parts are very steep. If you want to sleep under tent in this area you will pay a fee of about 500 pounds, so it's up to you to make your decision:) But you can go along the shortest way back to the town (Newcastle) and find a campsite. But it's much better to enjoy at least most of the mountains. It is cold here in the evening and the weather is windy, so take something warm:) Some people there told me that it is impossible to hitchhike. But I don't think so. There are many people who stop their car willingly and take you to the nearest places or further (if you are lucky). Well, sometimes you must be patient and wait for an hour, but you needn't spend a lot of money buying bus tickets:)

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Photo credits: Roman Zaremba.

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May 01, 2010


Its really a beautiful place.

November 09, 2009


Wonderful photos!

November 08, 2009


Great photos, wishing you every success!

November 07, 2009


Wonderful shots!

November 07, 2009


I wish you all the best, Roman! It's not easy to leave in a strange country, but I can notice that you are a very optimistic person. Beautiful photos! Dragos

November 07, 2009


My ancesters on my dad's side were Irish so one day it might be nice to visit. (If i can conqure my fear of flying.) Great pics by the way.

November 07, 2009


fab pictures! Good luck with them

November 06, 2009


Nice pics!

At one time hitchhiking was easy enough in Ireland but now you see so very few on the roadside.
Sadly now, I think it's a safety issue - people that have previously gone missing and the welfare of driver etc.

Anyway, nice to see someone enjoying the sights and posting them up for us to see.

Good luck!


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