Not a great week

I have started February hoping to reach the 500 files sold,wasn't too far from that so I really hoped to get there;the month started and it was even going quite well,I'd have reached that target for sure but during the last week...absolutely nothing,just got to sold some "subscription's files".

Didn't even want to come and check my sales after few days,it was really frustrating.

I didn't want to just sit,even beacause the carnival has started in Italy and I'm going to Venice this weekend for the official open,hoping to see lots of masks,lots of people (that's for sure),enjoy a day there and even get to take some great pictures.

Link of the Venice carnival 2011,if anyone is interested in it: Venice carnival

Some of the pics from the carnival 2010.

© Yuritz

© Yuritz

© Yuritz

My resolution for the weekend and next week will be: less pc and more pics.

Good rest of the week.

Photo credits: Amagraphic, Theodor38, Yuritz.

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Great pics.

Yup, shooting is always better than sitting.


Those are fantastic pictures.


I'll surely enjoy myself there,like the last year! :)
Thank you


Venice! You're so lucky! Enjoy yourself, take lots of photos and the sales will come. If you're close to 500 sales, you know you're doing something right and sales will pick up.


Thank you Sarah! :)


I'm usually patient,was just a vent :)
Good sales to everyone then! :D


Be patience, and don´t worry the sales will come!


chins up. I think it's probably a slow month in february. I am 13 dollars before my 3rd payout and it seems like forever .
Usually, the payout comes a lot faster when you reach this close.


Thank you Fablic,hope the holiday is going well! :)


You're right,I know that;was just a moment after few bad days.


Yuritz Hello, you have a wonderful portfolio, please wait patiently for your goals will be realized, a greeting :)


Patience, is all you need... 500 sales will arrive soon. Great images.


to Antoinettew: welcome,they're really nice!


Yuritz, thank you for the great compliment on my painting


Same hopes,good luck to you too!


Same here. I had a very bad month on sales. Hope the good times will come back soon :)


Great photos! Don´t give up...Sales will come! I wish you all the Best.


Thank you,I know and will surely go to enjoy the carnival.


Do not be sad. Sales will come back. You have got a beautiful portfolio.


Take it easy Yuritz :-) Better time will come and spring for sure! Enjoy yourself in coulorful Venice.

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