Not making basic mistakes ... Some thoughts ...

In the absence of much time to develop my shooting style of late I have been conscientiously trying to not make basic mistakes!

Basic things that I have been trying NOT to do include:

Arriving somewhere with no battery (now check the battery indicator before heading out)

A full CF card (no a preview and check available shots before heading out)

Fumbling around looking for my lens cap (always put it in my left front pocket)

Forgetting to pack my tripod head or entire tripod (general awareness)

Leaving my ISO fixed to a high noisy setting from a previous shot (try and be mindful about resetting my setting to typical if I set something extreme - also check before shooting when time!)

Not switching my lens back to automatic focus(as above)

Leaving a delayed shutter on(as above however seem to often forget)

Not tightening my tripod head before shooting (as above)

Shooting with long exposures when too much wind is blowing (try and remember and view image on screen zoomed as far as possible on view finder - should transfer to iPad also and review there too)

Not turning around to see an amazing sight behind me when I am concentrating on a random abstract macro subject (trying to be more aware in general)

Not spending the time to level my tripod head (spending more time getting things right before pressing the shutter)

Not cleaning my filter or lens (cleaning on returning and doing a quick check on site)

To add a few more from people who have commented -

Checking the edge of the frame to see what is included before shooting (thanks Afagundas)

Remember to zero the exposure compensation setting (thanks Physi28)

Reformat empty cards (thanks Livingstonatlarge)

Afagundas also notes that using the Program setting ensures you return to your default settings

I figure with little time I need to make the most of any shooting chances I have so best not waste opportunities. It remains being a battle for me to be conscience of my processes and not get too excited in the moment and stuff up amazing opportunities in this wonderful world of scenes and subjects! Just some thoughts ....

below are some images from a recent work trip to Sydney. I was able to get out one morning for sunrise, on rushed lunch break and one evening - beautiful city if you get a chance to visit!

Photo credits: Bevanward.

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Thanks for your kind comments and extra points - I've added them to the blog for completeness and as a reminder to me!


my weak point: over or under exposing and forgetting to put it back to zero!
thanks for the advice, it´s good to be reminded!


...and let me add one that usually escapes me until I have the problem staring me in my face..REFORMAT YOUR EMPTY CARD when you put it in the camera.



Just reminded me I have a half dead battery in my pack that needs charging. I always carry two but am sure to charge the low one when I get home and put it back in the bag!


Beautiful pics


Beautiful photos and beautiful collection of compliments!


Great photos and tips! Thank you.


thanks for the tips :) stunning photos well done!


Amazing pictures and very nice tips.
I use the program modes of my Canon 5D, when the camera switches off it goes back to my standard program, for instance, ISO 100, this way I never forget to go back to my standard adjustments when using extreme adjustments, say, ISO 6400 for low light (this used to happen often in the past)

Another tip I would add, allways check the borders of the image before shooting.

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