Not about photo.

This is a blog, like I understand I can write about anything...So...

Do you know the filling of troubles and problems....when you can`t fight with them, because of any reasons. You just try to hide of them, make a wall and hide behind it... It`s like watch through the photo-cam, not real, somewhere...far away...not near you...and not touching you. It`s hard to explain. Somebody may be understand me.

I write here because of ...I want to write, I can`t tell anybody about my problem. That`s why I write. Problems of translation, nations and relationships, don`t mind here on DT.

People, don`t run of you problems, don`t hide of them. Make a decisions, may be will be hurt, but later it will be much better for you. And you`ll be feel free.

King regards.

Photo credits: Valerii.

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