Not sure how it works but it sure makes me happy!

Loading the home page of DT today, I had the immense pleasure to see one of my latest uploads there, right on the front page as Editor's choice!

Not sure how it all works but what a nice surprise :-)

Cute blue eyed baby girl

I'm really grateful to DT for promoting our photos in such creative ways, it's such an encouragement to keep going.

Photo credits: Rozenn Leard.
Rozenn Leard
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  • Rosedarc
  • Brisbane, Australia

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November 25, 2009

Thank you all for your encouragements - this community is one of the other things that make DT so enjoyable.


November 25, 2009

Congratulations! What a little cutie :0)


November 25, 2009

Great shot, cute model too, congrats.


November 25, 2009

thats nice, yeah she is very cute


November 25, 2009

Congratulations!! Beautiful model! Bye, Rob.


November 25, 2009

beautiful girl congratulations :)


November 25, 2009

So cute! That deserves! Congratulations :)


November 25, 2009

congratulations :) gorgeous little girl


November 25, 2009

Congrats! So sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.


November 25, 2009

Congratulations for your photo Editor's choice!I admired your photo yesterday when i saw it:)