Nothing left to shoot

The Victorians

World earth catastrophe

Victorians thought that cataloging the world would finally reveal Gods master plan. If you catalogue everything, if you collect, photograph, describe and categories you will eventually find a ‘pattern’ – the equation for everything. Unfortunately the only comprehensive catalogue of the world – is the world!

The jobs done

Suitcase child isolated

Soon there will be 3 million images on Dreamstime, has everything in the world then not soon been photographed!

Sometime I can find nothing around me that I haven’t photographed twice. I wish I could go to Australia or Africa because there is so much I haven’t photographed there.

The inspiration

Thumbs up ok

I wake one morning and realize that my ‘Not So Flat TV’ looks dated, that mobile phones no longer has antennas, that bright coloured backgrounds are in and that flash daylight is out.


Gutter brick house

I need to redo every single picture I have ever done – they are all dated.

Before I go to bed a TV program plays on my mind. Did you now that pet owners often cook dinners for their animals – I mean actually cook! Where is the picture of a cat eating pasta of silverware? – I have got a cat! I thought I had taken every picture that I could of the creature – but no.

I did an experiment (not my own idea or even a new concept). I forced myself to take 100 different image of my house none which where allowed to feature the whole house (done that one before). Dreamstime accepted 4 of the images – granted the remaining 96 where really shit. Still, half an hours work on my doorstep.

The world is alive

Baby world

The world is moving it’s alive. No matter how many pictures we take there will always be one more to be taken. There is only ever one ‘stock site’ that have all the images of the world that can ever be imagined and that is the world itself

Photo credits: Lorna.

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May 20, 2008

fab article! really inspirational, im gona bookmark it, in case im ever in a rut and cant think of anything to shoot


May 12, 2008

A photograph, like a blink of an eye captures and exact moment in time. So its like the world stands still for a fraction of a second. That exact second is a one time event, just like a fingerprint. capturing it better and more creatively keeps us going.good luck D


May 10, 2008

heya, i am totally amazed when i look around and actually pay attention, there are photo opportunities everywherE! Yes there may be 100's of photos of the same thing, but they all cannot portray the exact same concept.. which is good for us photographers!!! gives us a chance to sell our work! best of luck with yours!!