November 2018 Farm Harvest In Iowa

Iowa is a state located in the middle of the united states, being best known for its fertile soil to grow food that is shipped all over the world. Soybean and field corn is the two most popular crops in Iowa and is mainly grown for feed for livestock.

Brown Cow

Harvest got pushed back a little late this year in 2018 due to major flooding statewide in Iowa, some locals even compare the 2018 flood year to the disastrous 1993 flooding of Iowa.

Iowa Farm Harvest

Iowa Farm Harvest Red Combine

The majority of the Iowan crops is out of the fields now due to a cease in weather conditions, but as of November 9, 2018 there has been snowfall on the ground making it the first signs of winter in the agricultural state.

Red Case Combine

Farmers all over the United Sates and the world for that matter work hard to put food on all of our tables, November is a time of giving thanks in America and one of the things we can be thankful for is our farmers.

Photo credits: Gluestick.

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