Now I'm a Buyer As Well....


I've been submitting photos for several years now. But now I find myself on the other side of the table, so to speak.

In addition to my photography work, I've also been writing an novel based on some fascinating events in the Korean War. I found myself needing a map of North & South Korea - and had not found just what I wanted.

So, I posted a message on the Dreamstime forums. A nice person replied that she would make the map just as I wanted it. She did, uploaded it, and it was approved.

I bought it today - and I'm very happy.

Feels nice to be a buyer on occasion.

By the way, the map is this one:

And the nice contributor is: Rasà Messina Francesca

And, if you're so inclined, you might drop by my blog and check out my forthcoming novel. Hopefully will be ready by November or December of this year.

Photo credits: Rasà Messina Francesca.

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Congratulations, I think this is an interesting thing!


Good luck... i I like this


Nice David! It would be great to see the image in use in the future also!
Good luck in your buyer's career as well! :)


It is great that you are also a buyers and support DT. Well done.


As it is fine, when kind people respond to help!


That is wonderful! Congrats Francesca!!!


Good luck for your novel and congratulations to my wife Francesca!!!


David, what a nice surprise this morning :-) I'm very happy that my image was what you are looking for! and thanks a lot for mentioning me in this blog :-) I saw your website and your story about Korean War is amazing! Wish you a lot of success with your novel :-)
Thanks again!!!
Bye, Francesca :-)


What you said is true. Some times there are loads and loads of pictures available on DT but its difficult to find the particular one that you are looking for.


Not that you need any help , as you're doing pretty well with getting the download numbers that you have. But I think, putting ourselves in the shoes of a buyer could well serve a purpose to help us understand how the buyer thinks. It might work to your advantage as you will end up making more of the types of pictures buyers want, instead of just seeing it through the eyes of a photographer, which may not always mean saleable photos.

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