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I am happy to say that I have number 50 online but its kind of bitter sweet for me since the one that was accepted wasnt as good in my opinion since a shot of the same place at the same time that wasnt as wide was rejected the day before. Anyway here it is (raw is still pending)

I am not sure the next time im going to be able to upload more since I am spending 10+ hours a day on a project for work and havent the energy to go shooting and dont have weekends off for a few weeks

Photo credits: EmeraldUmbrellaStudio.

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Congratulations!!!! Sometimes if a picture gets rejected, I upload it in black and white or sepia, and it is accepted!


Upload more images,you'll have more sales.


it just seems like the editors dont judge the same way which is irritating. for our companies stock items we have had alot of items get rejected here and sell multiple copies on other sites


Dont worry about the rejected images, just keep uploading, if you have accounts in other stock site you can upload the rejected stuff there. Often it gets approved. Just ignore the rejects and enjoy the life.

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