Nutrition and E-Commerce

I have decided to work my way out of a long, tiresome, and routinely boring 40 hour per week type job to pursue my dream of opening a chain of health food and nutritional supplement stores. I mean I don't have much yet, but it is in the works. As long as the ball is rolling, even if it is rolling pretty slow, the only way to move is forward. Im starting my endeavor by opening up a storefront online under the name NutriBeast. The name may not be too catchy now, but with time and strong marketing, I am hoping to make my store one of the best nutritional supplement stores on the online market. With the use of illustrations and designs from dreamstime I hope to make great t-shirts, stickers, and banners to promote my store. I am a firm believer that image is everything. I will have catch phrases like, "Release Your Inner Beast", "Feed the Need", "Be One with Your Inner Animal" and other stuff like that. All these things are in the works. If anybody who reads this has any good ideas in terms of marketing ideas, or catch phrases, I would really appreciate it.

For all those who wish to start up thier own business but fear the risk of failing; remember that failing is not necessarily a bad thing. With failure comes a learning experience, and a better chance at succeeding the next time.

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