I love New York City. And, I love the technique of HDR - high dynamic range photography. So, I really loved the chance to take some evening photos of the city and utilize HDR technique on these photos.

From Liberty State Park on the NJ side, I took these photos last week. I need to take three RAW exposure-bracketed shots: one properly exposed, one -2 underexposed and one +2 overexposed. I didn't have my tripod, so I had to simply place my camera on a little concrete ledge. Exposure times were rather long at the f/8 aperture I preferred to use for maximum sharpness.

I set white-balance on the three photos and then export them as 48 bit TIFF files. I then use my HDR software to combine the three images and hopefully give me a very large dynamic range in the photograph. After generation of a HDR photo, I export again as a 48 bit TIFF.

I do a little final clean-up on the TIFF file and then export a jpg for submission to Dreamstime.

Photo credits: David Watts Jr..

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