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Well, not too much toughts for today, sorry Frieds...there's raining all day, my mood is gray like sky outside, and I still need some downloads for first payment...please, let me introduce some of my newly accepted photos about home objects' theme.

I'm not good at object photographing, but I have some simple rules for them:

- main theme will sell the photo, so I choose it carefully. I don't like isolated photos (yapp, that's why I'm not a best seller there ;)), so I try to use a background that fits for my object usefully.

- white balance is really important. Of course, you can modify it during post-processing, but it's easier to use a sheet of white paper and balance it before shooting. You can save lots of time, and lost more nosises which comes with level modifications.

- selective focus is working well with details and textures.

- keywording is more important with an object-shot! Buyers, who are looking for a green ball, won't buy your photo about a pink plate, even if it's appear in their searching. I wish less views and more downloads - photos with 80 views and no downloads have problems!

- I like photos with one main color - green pillows, orange glasses, etc., as it's catch the eyes...hopefully. :)

Thank you for checking them...critics and notes are warmly welcome! :)

Photo credits: Aginger.

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April 19, 2010


Thank you, Digitalg! Yapp, I shoot in raw, and if needed,I change white baƩance with PhotoShop...unfortunately I haven't got Lightroom...but I'll try the Pentax prog :)

April 19, 2010


Hello there!
Thankyou for these tips. I might be using some of them soon ;)
As a side note, if you shot raw you can change white balance later without loosing detail or whatever. Just don't do it with levels tool. Use the raw processing software, like lightroom or anyother. Even Pentax software can do it.

April 16, 2010


All true, love the yellow

April 14, 2010


Thank you, Tan510jomast! Well, photostudio maybe boring...but really useful and as I can see, you have many-many great studio photos...:)

April 14, 2010


you have such beautiful interior decoration. I love a house with beautful furniture,etc.. but being single, I try to avoid having anything in my own apartment, as I double it as a photo studio, so it's bare with nothing but curtains for backgrounds. and studio lights and equipment.
boring !
it's so lovely to see your settings. and those are lovely photos.
well done. gorgeous earth tones and pastels. I adore pastels and earth tones.

April 14, 2010


Lovely colors! Congrats!

April 13, 2010


Great ideas and great images too. Send some rain to New Zealand cos we really need it and I'll send you back some sun instead :) Take care :)

April 13, 2010


I like the mood of these photos! An dyou are right, downloads are more important than views. :)

April 13, 2010


David,I usually use a simple A4 paper sheet...but you can use a white paper tissue, too...that's why we have zooooom :) Just use it before lens, no matter if it didn't find focus. (I have a Pentax, so I'm not sure if it's working with more popular cams...)

Thank you for your kind comments!!!

April 13, 2010


Did you made it? Did you made it? :D Oh, you already got $102 ;) Good luck, girl!

April 13, 2010


Excellent pictures and thanks for white card advice ! but it wont work unless white is a large part of the image area will it ? David.

April 13, 2010


Very beautiful images!Wish you many sales with them!:)

April 13, 2010


job well done!

April 13, 2010


You look good :) and your images too..
So true about one main colour.. In business, i always don't even look at powerpoint slides where they use more than 3 colours.. same principle in photography - we don't like "too much of everything" + beauty needs some space...

April 13, 2010


Thank you, Guys, that's what I need... :)
I'm not an egoist and opportunist 'Artist' and sometimes my self-esteem dig itself under the subway...

April 13, 2010


Very good picture. Come on!

April 13, 2010


Well done! Don't stress about the weather! I know the feeling cause here we had a heavy rainy season also! I'm sure you will make your milestone soon... Cheers :)

April 13, 2010


Amazing photos! Well done. Ignore the rainy weather, just keep smiling! ;)

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