Obsessed with Color, In a Sometimes Dull World

I love color, as an artist and a person. One could say that I was obsessed with it. It is a wonder of both nature and man the colors that exist all around us every day. Colors so rich and vibrant that they can take your breath away, and some so soft and gentle that they calm the nerves in those tense, rushed moments in life.

We had an entire class in art school dedicated to the study of color, how it effects the moods of people, even how it makes people want to look at something, or make a purchase at a store. It's quite fascinating how color can play such an intricate roll in our lives. This is a roll we should not ignore. As photographers, and illustrators, we should embrace the use of color to suit the subject that we are trying to capture. Always keep in mind the aspects of the image and how they come across. Warm colors can make people feel comfortable, and passionate, not to mention hungry. While cool colors can relax a person, giving them a feeling of something fresh and clean.

Next time you go to the grocery store take a look at the types of colors that are used for various products and you might be surprised to find that many products of the same type have similar color patterns. That is no accidental, in fact it is quite purposeful. The colors are designed and arranged to make you feel something unique about the product so that you associate what the product stands for with the need you have to fulfill.

That being said, it is amazing that we do not celibate the joy found in color nearly enough. Go do any simple office building and you will find rows of padded gray cubes with black, gray or white furniture, and white or almost white walls. Yuck. It makes no sense that in a world of color we could deprive ourselves of the joy and vibrancy that it brings to life.

In India they have a celebration of color called Holi, where people dance in the street and splash color on themselves and each other, reminding themselves of the pleasures that colors bring to their lives. Personally I think that is a great idea, one that should be practiced more as we go through our lives. After all, what does one have to loose if they take the time to not only smell the flowers, but enjoy the rich color that they bring to the world every day.

Photo credits: Dmitriy Sladkov, Starfotograf, Stockshooter, Torchdesigns.

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