Octopuses in Lembeh Strait

Octopuses are interesting animals. TheyLembeh Strait in North Sulawesi (Indonesia).

The most common octopus in Lembeh Strait is coconut octopus. It

Sometimes is even coconut octopus without its protection. Then it can swim fast, use ink - and change colors. Can you imagine how can octopus (that is usually brown) hide on colorful reef without holes? I couldn

In Lembeh Strait lives also wonderpus octopus. It

This year I have seen for the first time one small but hardly poisoned octopus - the blue ringed octopus. (Actually, I saw it once before, but in a bucket, caught by a fisherman. I don

There lives more spices of octopuses in Lembeh Strait. For example mimic octopus. But I was not lucky and I didn

Photo credits: Petr Zamecnik.

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March 02, 2015


Wonderful ! Thank you for sharing !

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