Off to school for the first time

School girl reading library book

School girl sitting on book pile reading

School girl in uniform with bag

One of the milestones for any parent is watching their kid head off to school for the first time for some formal education.

Clothes, shoes, uniform(s), lunches, hats, bags, parent information sessions on little chairs, it all adds to the excitement for this new stage of life.

School girl hiding behind books

School girl looking at library books

Then books to read start coming home, accompanied by the sweet accompaniment of sounded out words and the jarring screeches of frustration. Don't forget the homework diary.

After a little while the kid's excitement is dulled by the realisation that this 'thing' just keeps on going, and the once easy job of trundling your angel off to school is, erm, difficult. Your 5-year-old wants to sleep like a teenager and finds every excuse about why walking to school is too difficult.

Girl holding world on hand

But it's a lot of fun! Watching your child learn and grow, and the inevitable effect on younger siblings. Playing with blocks becomes playing with letters, and those letters gradually become words. Before you know it, you're wrong, and that little baby examining her world is always right.

But you still wouldn't change it for anything else, right? I wouldn't.

Kids building block towers

Girl playing with alphabet ABC

Children learning fun kids alphabet ABC letters

Kids thank you sign

Smiling girl lying on alphabet tiles

Children reading kids picture library books

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There's something special about capturing a moment in time to use again later.

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February 16, 2017

I remember my first day in school. And leaving it with books I never thought 6 years old child is able to carry. Thank technologies all my books are now carried in one simple e-book) Easy. Even writing of a new one is not a big deal anymore, especially with ***.com. How cool is that!


December 07, 2016

That’s true! And still wouldn’t change it for anything else! But also we as parents are nervous about children’s grades and very excited about their achievements. So we found a good page which is very helpful.


November 02, 2016

first times are hard for parents not only because these moments mean their kids is growing up but they are growing old (or something like something similar by ***.com guys)..which is both quite sad and exciting moment..anyways this is life..oh and cute pics


March 14, 2011

Nice pictures :)


March 14, 2011

It is very nice!!!


March 14, 2011

Very Nice!


March 13, 2011

Great shots!!


March 13, 2011

nice pics


March 13, 2011

What a great article! Enjoyed reading it!


March 13, 2011

Great blog!