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Hi! I'm an avid photographer and photography is my part time hobby. I've been an active DT member since 2008 and have currently reached 50 uploads in my account. Recently, I have noticed several problems that I’ve faced in DT whereby I had a couple of images, which were mostly viewed, files but with less downloads. I would like to know from other DT members whether anyone would be interested in these photos or are there any areas of improvement needed in these photos.

Here are the several images that are highly viewed but with low downloads:-

This laptop keyboard shot was my first upload in 2008 and it was viewed 25 times with nil download. Though, I have to admit there are many shots on keyboards but I was hoping that there would be users who would want to purchase this photo as it can be used in business concepts.

This is another photo which has nil sales with only 9 views. I took this shot when I was traveling in Melbourne and noticed the unique architecture of the Melbourne Central’s dome which can be seen as a spiral effect if u stare at it for long. I thought of uploading this picture due to its uniqueness but it looks like its not saleable.

After knowing that food shots were popular in stock imaging, I tried for improvements by taking this muffin shot in 2009 but it seems that the downloads are still the same where there are only 2 downloads from 31 viewing.

Also, I faced problems from low revenue due to the subscription plan that DT has offered to buyers whereby most of my stock images sales generate low earnings. For example, I have sales of photos where it only generates $0.42 cents for a maximum resolution for a level 2 image. I understand that the subscription plan is beneficial for both buyers and sellers of stock imaging on DT as it attracts and encourages more sales. However, I do not know whether this will only be favourable for popular contributors instead of “newcomers in DT”. I wonder whether if it is possible to have different price rates for different type of resolution for the subscription plan.

I’m open to all suggestions for improvement and hope to learn more from experienced photographers. My other stock images can be viewed from my portfolio at https://www.dreamstime.com/Shutterbestiole_portfolio_pg1 for those who are interested in them.

Thank you.

Photo credits: Shutterbestiole.

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Thanks everyone for your comments....I guess there's not much helping to the current problem that we all faced....so we all have to upload more in order our photos to be "eye catching" in the eyes of the buyer.


We all have shots that have lots of views and very or no sales, others that have very few views but high sales, relatively to the number of views, other images seem not to be on the database as they have no views (they are there of course but seem to be invisible to the browsers' eyes).
When I have few views, I try to tweak the keywords. Spiral dizziness may not be the best title for your Melbourne Dome.
I also look at competition; when checking computer keyboards I find over 500 images and it seems to me that light coloured keyboards sell better. Also the keyboards that have been enhanced with a special feature. The same goes for muffins, it comes up with 4700 photos...
It's often hard to know why one file sales or not, we all have our disappointments, the thing is to keep trying and uploading.


Your portfolio looks fine actually it looks very good and your downloads are good too as well. You are having 0.66 dowloads per image!! that is not bad at all( I wish if I had that rate :) It is just mathematics 1000 uploads at 0.66= 660 dl plus more uploads more people will know you so I'm 100% sure that with the quality of your portofolio that rate will go up.
So keep uploading and good luck!!


it's really difficult to predict how well your images will do in microstock or whether they will bomb. especially when you consider for example in DT there are 7 million other images looking for attention.
if i knew the answer, i would not tell you anyway, ha!ha!..
just kidding,
it's really the luck of the draw, as far as i know, Dreamstime does not manipulate to favor one contributor over another. so the only advice i can give you is the same that the top sellers give to us, ie. just get as many images into your portfolio. the bigger the number the better the chances of you being found.
all the best.


Yes, upload more images. In fact, your portfolio looks pretty similar to some of the top contributors. BTW, my images with highest views also have either no downloads or one DL.


Your beef steak and diamond ring images are excellent; I suggest just submit more like them ! David.

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