Oil Spill

I don't normally stand on a soap box and preach to the world but today I will.

I guess I was stupid enough to believe that if any operation that had the potential to spew out thousands and thousands of barrels of oil a day into the ocean would not only have plan for failure, but a back up plan. And yes even a back up to the back up plan.

But noooooooo. they wait until there screwing up half the whole gulf and everything close to it before they decide they should build something to stop it.

Why?? because it would have cost money to have it built ahead of time.

Well what the hell is it costing now.

I know that most business plans are driven by greed and money but somebody needs to wake up and stop killing our planet.

Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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May 06, 2010


The world is going crazy as we all notice & it's everywhere! Bloodshed, wars, pullution & warming up the planet with our industries!
We all have to start to say NO & support it with positive actions!

May 06, 2010


Perhaps we should all go back to living in caves and killing our food with clubs. Without oil our modern lifestyle would be next to impossible. I am not saying that the spill is not regrettable but the Earth has been here for millions of years and there have been much worse disasters in the past and I'm sure more to come in the future. If the human race was not here, no one would be crying over spilled oil.

May 06, 2010


Money, always money.... These companies try to save and earn all the money they can..... Now let's wait and see how much they will have to spend now to "clean" a little of the mess they have done. It's not fair, our world can't resist anymore stupidity.

May 06, 2010


I'm so scared and afraid about this disaster. It's heartbreaking thinking about all families living on the U.S. east coast, but it's also a big danger and matter for all our earth.

May 06, 2010


Its heartbreaking ...I have familiy that live on the coast of Florida and they fear the worst....something needs to be done...:(

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