Oktoberfest is almost over

and Oktoberfest also brought me my first sale for an editorial image. Here it is:

It is actually also my first stock image with people as central part of it. Given the fact that they were not asked, I think they did pretty well ;)

The image received a LOT more clicks then any of my other images in a short period of time. That shows that editorial images of current events are hot! I was back at Oktoberfest today and saw quite a few people with a camera running around. But still there are not that many pictures of the Oktoberfest here yet, considering the size and popularity of the event.

Here is a selection of some nice Oktoberfest shots here on Dreamstime. With the beautiful warm weather, today it looked very much like on the first photo:

© Nuta

© Rodiks

© Rodiks

Photo credits: Andrea Basile, Intrepix, Nuta, Phillip Gray, Rodiks.

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October 05, 2009


Cool...octoberfest is great.......you can have a good shots over there.....yes wher we can see the article ????

October 04, 2009


Creativei: That is cool to even see who downloaded my first editorial image. So that magazine is going to be published in Dubai, right? Is it possible to see that article online too?

October 04, 2009


I never heard about this fest, but yeah this month our magazine is carying out an article about this fest. Wow what a coincednece the first image used in this blog, I downloaded them few days back.

October 03, 2009


I love Octoberfest!!! Great shots, good luck with sales!

October 03, 2009


Congratulations!Nice photos!

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