Old Glory

Memorial Day just passed, Independence Day (4th of July) is just around the corner, and Veteran's day is just five months away. But, regardless of the celebrated holiday, love for our country should always be in our hearts.

One of the symbols we use to show our patriotism and pride in our country is the United States flag. Some call her "Old Glory". I'm old enough to remember when there were parades down town streets, or the flag went passing by, people stood - they saluted - they took their hats off - they put their hand on their heart - and they taught their children why they did all this.

American Flags

Over time, some have gotten too "busy" or too "politically correct" to remember to do these things. They do it sometimes when it is convenient. We need to remember that our freedom is not a "sometime", "convenient" or "politically correct" kind of thing. Were it not for men and women willing to put their lives "on hold", or pay the ultimate sacrifice of losing their lives for their country, freedom would be something we would have to look up in the dictionary to see what it meant. We would not be living it today.

I wanted to take this time now to say "thank you" to all those who have served and those who are still serving in the name of freedom for ME. A few years ago, I wrote a poem that I'd like to share with you.

So you say you love your country, and are grateful that you’re free.

It’s reflected in the mirror of your life that others see.

Do you proudly wave Old Glory, show respect as it goes by?

Does it make your heart beat faster, do its colors make you cry?

Do you sing the National Anthem with the reverence it deserves?

Do you teach by your example, what will children from you learn?

Do you give support to soldiers, thank them for their sacrifice?

Do they know that you stand by them when they pay our Freedom’s price?

If you truly love your country, when you say your prayers at night,

Thank the Lord He gave us Patriots not afraid to fight the fight.

Veterans remember

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July 11, 2008

Great articels! Write very well.


July 03, 2008

Hi, I must have missed this post when I was away. Great article and moving poem. You are so right, so many of us forget that freedom is not free. People have died for what we take for granted. Tomorrow is America's Independence day, I hope everyone takes just a moment to remember exactly what that means and the men and women who are out there right now protecting our right to enjoy the holiday. Happy 4th of July to all and thank you to our troops.


June 09, 2008

So true. I think a lot of it has to do with the educational system now. Not much is being taught about past wars. Try to find anything about Vietnam in history books now. I'm not in any way condoning war. No one wants it. But if the children aren't at least taught about it, how can they understand what is going on? If they don't understand what war is and the wars/conflicts that have been fought, how can they ever know the price that is paid for their freedom to grow up to be adults and enjoy the liberties that we have - and then to pass the understanding on to their children? I'll end this here because I didn't mean for this to get "political". The whole purpose behind this blog was simply to say something that was on my heart - "Thank you, Veterans!"


June 09, 2008

An short but excellent blog and a beautiful poem. A thank you to both you and your husband for serving. Many people forget that families of service men and women serve the military and country as well in their own way. My Dad and I both served in the ARNG - I served for 6 years, my Dad for 36. I think the current situation involving our troops is a strange one. Unlike Vietnam and some other conflicts, almost everyone I've spoken to on the topic respect and pray for the safe return of the brave men and women currently serving in our military - even if they disagree with the war itself. On the other hand, I think people who do not have a connection to the military directly - through serving or having someone close to them serve - have a difficult time approaching those in the military. They don't know what to say or how to say - even though a simple thanks may be more than enough. Hopefully we will find a way to help and support those who have been a part the current conflicts, and hopefully we can all find away - as a nation, or as individuals, to fight through the hatred and anger and forge a lasting peace. It may seem niave, but if we can't believe there will be an end to the fighting, how will the ever be one?


June 09, 2008

Thank you, Jiajianzheng.


June 09, 2008

enjoy your articels!


June 09, 2008

Thanks guys for all your comments. Our guys/gals don't get told enough what their service means to us. I saw a soldier sitting outside Albertson's the other day waiting on the bus. Had to talk to him. Said he was on ROR. He looked tired, loney, and numb. I told him I just wanted to shake his hand and say "thank you for your service". He looked surprised as if no one had said that to him before. It broke my heart. That was two weeks ago, and I still can't get that young guy out of my mind.


June 09, 2008

I happen to be from a Military Family, and proud of it. My grandfather, dad, mom, aunt and uncle, all served in the armed forces. Thank you for Thinking of them. Have a wonderful week.

God Bless,

Sarah Lindley Farnsworth


June 08, 2008

I couldn't have said it better. I know that your husband is a veteran so give him a heartfelt thank you!


June 08, 2008

Thank you for words and poem. Very very nice.