Old Memory by Camera

When I was in childhood, camera was memorized as a quite small but a supernatural machine, it could record many cherished people and scenery with just one sound of “click”. Pictures taken at that time were most black and white, however, it would be still a luxury stuff if someone who’s in possess of a film camera. Actually many people at that time only took pictures for formal occasions or went to camera studio having group photo as a souvenir.

Till someday the pictures taken can be colorful, it’s so amazing! I felt so vivid for whatever the camera shot, just like recur of that scene and that moment! How much surprise and unforgettable memory it might bring to us…

With time passing by, another big innovation for camera is from the film to digital, which I think it can save a lot of space and save the photo longer than the film period. In addition, people can shot whenever they want, no need considering the film cost. It’s really more convenience and environmental.

Now the cameras still keep improving & replaceable in quite a fast speed, believe someday not far away I will have a more advanced camera to take pictures even clearer & in better Textures.

However, when appreciate at today’s better quality life due to the high technology developing, still can’t help thinking of the old memory we went through, which will be cherished forever!

Photo credits: Toneimage.

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thanks to all comments^^

when i used camera with film in the beginning,i felt sort of confused with the camera constructure and in consequence, made many poor pictures. in addition, the photographic plate is quite easy to destroy...
and digital camera is quite easy to understand^^


When my husband used photocamera with film, I wasn´t glad to use it because in case of error, the film would be spoilt... with the digital photocemare I have started photographing and photographing. :-) I am pleased of digital era :-) so I could say this, I have no classical photocamera that "I feel a bond to it", but I will always remember all our digital photocameras :-)


I remember, how my parents used scold me for finishing all the film roll clicking flowers, dogs, cats etc, I used to click everything, untill the film is over. Really thanks to the technology that my kids will have the liberty to click click click click click click..............

But yeah great article went back to memory lane, twice today.


It must be the time we capture together, but I can't believe the bond we can have with our cameras.


I'm looking forward to when we can capture images in 3D, until then we are just improving what we have now. Great article.

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