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Old Men in Metro Station

Taking metro and pass the city everyday. In the rush hours, thousands of passengers are walking so rush and fast on the way to the offices, and without any smile on faces. This is such a big and cold city althought it is enough international.

In one of my frequent metro stations, I may see several fixed faces, which belong to olders. They always stand in front of the exits and wait for the passengers to collect newspapers on their hands.

This is such a sad picture, which I need to watch everyday! I cannot change the route since they are right in front of the only exit, or to pretend that I did not see them. The desire of getting a little bit money is so strong in their unclear eyes. Sadness is always full of my heart when I see them.

I do not what is going on with their families or their personal lives. I only know I will be very upset if any orgazination would like to stop them since the incoming from the waist newspaper seems quite important for them.

Sad for them, sad for myself, and sad for the cold city.

© Lhj

Photo credits: Huijie Li.


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July 30, 2008


this is a good blog. you have described the people well and i can feel the sadness and sorrow.

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